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LG Slate II

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Our all-new Slate II mountain biking shoes take all the features from last year's Slate with the addition of award-winning X-Comfort Zone technology.

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The X-Comfort Zone allows the foot to swell up to 5 mm while riding, thus eliminating hot spots and discomfort. It also accommodates wider feet and eliminates bunions over time. The Slate II shoes come with two hook-and-loop straps and a third ratcheting strap, all three paired with our Power Zone technology to ensure an amazing fit that keeps the foot firmly in place. The Ergo Grip 2 fiberglass/nylon outsole provides the optimal balance of power transfer on the bike and walkability off the bike. The front toe box also comes with reinforced paneling for increased abrasion resistance. Grab a pair today and hit the trails in confidence!

Technical Details

Shoe Technology : X-Comfort Zone - Power Zone: Increased arch support and power transfer

Outsole: Patented Ergo Air® injected nylon/fiberglass; extremely ventilated

Insole: EVA single density: Enhances comfort

Heel Retention: HRS-90 reinforced with 0.4 mm membrane: Maintains heel positioning and reduces loss of power

Closure System: Double-adjustment ratchet and hook and loop strap for a better adjustment

Cleats: Cleats aren't included with the shoes.