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"Cube Natural Fit Saddle Venec+" hefur verið sett í körfuna þína.

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Cube Natural Fit Saddle Venec+

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Enjoy an extra portion of comfort with the pressure-relieving FlexMotionCut shell combined with X-SHADE dual foam padding. The high-quality dual-component covering is both comfortable and reduces friction. Features an integrated saddle adapter mount. Optimised for the Bent Forward position (saddle finder B2).


Regular (244 x 143 mm) 
Large (244 x 152 mm)


  • t-shape saddle for more freedom of leg movement
  • pressure-relieving due to FlexMotionCut technology
  • dual-foam padding with X-Shade technology
  • CrMo rails
  • shock-absorber rail pockets
  • high-quality PU covering
  • integrated saddle adapter mount
  • optimised for Bent Forward position (Saddle Finder B2)