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Cube Helmet Fink

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My kids and I are pretty proud of the new FINK Helmet. It looks really sporty and is super comfy to wear. The best thing? We helped to develop it! The designers at CUBE specifically went out and asked kids and their parents to help with the design of the FINK Helmet – after all, they're the ones who know best what a great lid should offer. Meeting the needs of junior riders doesn't get better than this!

Vörunúmer: 16261
Litur: Blue
Tegund: Hjálmur
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  • flat dividers for optimised webbing guiding
  • removable, washable pads
  • other pad thicknesses available
  • X-Lock mounting system
  • compatible with integrated light system
  • padded ratchet chin closure
  • Natural Fit concept
  • glossy finish
  • weight: 225 g
  • helmet for kids/young riders
  • 11 large vents
  • insect nets in front section
  • SNAP 360 Fit System can be fine-tuned with one hand for a perfect fit
  • in-mould construction