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Cube Ella 240 2019

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Cube Acid 240 er vandað barnahjól með Shimano 7-gría skipti, brettum, standara og ljósum. Cube 240 hjólin hafa alltaf verið vinsæl hjá okkur og það er engin tilviljun. 

Miðað er við 7 ára og eldri.

Safety for parents and fun for the kids, all rolled into a single bike. Too good to be true? Not at all. Meet the Ella 240 - a street-wise kid's mountain bike that's as well suited to daily use as it is to occasional trail ride fun with the family at the weekends. Safety features include a dynamo-powered lighting system, so your child can see and be seen without any worry about running out of power. Added functionality comes courtesy of the included luggage carrier, mudguards and kickstand. And, when it comes to exploring further afield, the 21 speed Shimano gear system gives your junior rider all the gears she needs to tackle any hill. At CUBE, we reckon you really can have your cake and eat it.



Litur: Grey´n´coral

Tegund: Barnahjól

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