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Castelli Transition Jacket

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Castelli Transition Jacket 

Winters are getting warmer, and this jacket means you’ll be ready.

It’s our lightest-weight winter jacket, and we’ve replaced the fleece lining found on most of our winter jackets with a lightly brushed jersey that helps wick moisture away.

This jacket provides very little insulation, but with the full Gore® Windstopper® front and sleeve front you’ll be able to layer it to cover most conditions.

Not only is it lighter weight for less-cold conditions, it also has a high degree of stretch and freedom of movement, so it feels great on those transition days between fall and winter.

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Vörunúmer: 4517505 023

Litur: Red´n´Black

Tegund: Jakki 

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  • Our lightest jacket for fall or light winter riding 
  • Gore® Windstopper® X-Mid front and sleeves for wind protection with exceptional breathability 
  • Warmer fleece fabric on back for additional breathability 
  • YKK® Vislon® zipper 
  • 3 rear pockets 
  • Reflective panel below pockets for maximum visibility
  • 8°-16°C / 46°-61°F
  • Weight:322g